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Long Fur Is No Match For The Groom Genie


Mackenzie, a Maine Coon mix, has long fur that can get tangled with knots. He went crazy when his owner tried the Groom Genie! “He loves to rub his face on the bristles and really enjoys a good grooming session.”

Dr. V Raves About The Groom Genie

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Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, the veterinarian behind Pawcurious, recently tried the Groom Genie brush. In her words, “I don’t know what wizardry went into its construction, but this little brush is the bomb. Its handleless shape is meant to mimic you stroking your dog or cat, adding to its calming properties, but the real genius is in its bristles.”

Sandy Robins gives Groom Genie a “Must Have Stamp Of Approval”


What an honor to earn this accolade from Sandy. Read more about how Sandy found Groom Genie brings out the grrrr and the purrrr.The Must Have Stamp of Approval is based on Sandy’s personal opinion and the test experiences of the Reigning Cats and Dogs product testers as well as her personal knowledge of the product category. The Must Have Stamp of Approval is designed to advise pet parents on products that will in some way improve their pet’s health and well being, or, their own experiences as a pet parent.

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Fidose of Reality

The Groom Genie stunned this dog owner when their Cocker “went into the zone and was zenned out, he was in la la land in moments.” We’re happy to provide a stress-free grooming session for another satisfied pair!