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Royal Treatment For Dogs and Cats


Marley, a Border Collie, never liked being brushed until recently. He LOVES the Groom Genie and lets his owner brush him now! In fact, all of her canines and felines like being brushed according to Pam Maynard of Mom Does Reviews. Read more and see photos of these pampered pets.

2015 Pet Business Industry Recognition Award

Groom Genie is excited to be selected in this year’s Pet Business Awards! This annual recognition is to honor the pet industry’s best manufacturers and most ground-breaking products. Read the full article to learn more on

Sensitive Pets Need Special Attention

Deaf dogs need extra lovin’ especially when it comes to grooming. Meet Edison, whose experience with the Groom Genie has created a deeper bond with his owner. Edison’s owner says, “The Groom Genie feels like I’m petting my dogs, which deepens the bond between us and relaxes us both. I adore these brushes for the grooming, the stress-reduction benefits and relaxation they provide my deaf dogs.”

The Groom Genie Changed My Life and It Will For You Too

Crayons & Collars

We all need things in our life that help us get through each daily task quicker and easier. Crayons and Collars used our brush and said the Groom Genie Will Change Your Life. Wow! We were thrilled to hear this wonderful review on how cats are going bananas for their routine grooming and more.

Pet Product News Reports Growth in Cat Grooming

Pet Product News

Retail stores specializing in pet products have a demand for quality and variety items to meet customer needs. Cat grooming products are seeing an increase in growth, and the Groom Genie brush works great to remove tangles and keep fur soft and silky.